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High Courts

The Laws presents Judgments of Indian High Courts starting from their inception. The case law includes Full Text of the Judgments pronounced by High Court. The Laws have covered more than 7,65,000 Judgments of All India High Courts. The Judgment includes Head Note, Cross Citations, Referred Cases, Referred Acts, Sections and other legal provision of various Acts, Rules, Regulations etc.

The Laws present Judgments of Indian High Court in a formatted way through Table of Analysis covering Date of Judgment, Party Name, (Appellant and Respondent), Name of Hon’ble Judges, Name of Advocates, Referred Acts, Sections, Rules, Regulation etc, Referred Judgments etc. The other part is the Full Text of the Judgments which also display important citations, Date of Judgment, Party Names, Name of Hon’ble Judge, Acts etc and Judgments referred in the Judgment. Next portion is the equivalent citations and cross reference citation of Important Publishers Journals like Air, Judgment Today and all Subject leading Journals, State level important publishers.

The other portion is the Head Notes of the Judgment.

Coverage of Judgments of High Court is irrespective of Subject or Topics. When The Judgment pronounced, The Laws immediately covers in the Database. It is ensure that subscriber get the latest pronounced Judgments at the earliest.